PF’s Shakafuswa steals K300,000 from Lenje chiefs

PF’s Shakafuswa steals K300,000 from Lenje chiefs

Chief Chamuka

Jonas Shakafuswa

Defeated PF Katuba constituency parliamentary candidate Jonas Shakafuswa is in trouble with Lenje chiefs after information leaked that he collected K600,000 from Edgar Lungu at State house to corrupt Lenje chiefs but only delivered K300,000 to be shared among Chiefs Chipepo  (Mukuningombe), Chitanda, Liteta, Ngabwe, Mungule and Chamuka.

Early in May, Shakafuswa asked Lungu for money to bribe the six chiefs so that they would ‘sing praises’ for Lungu during commissioning of the Katuba toll plaza and he was paid K300,000 but only gave K150,000 to the chiefs and promised that some more would be coming. During the commissioning ceremony, the chiefs complained that they were rejected by the PF government but to silence them further, the tricky Shakafuswa obtained another K300 but again only paid out K150 and organised a trip for the chiefs to meet Lungu at state house.

For seemingly having done a good job, Shakafuswa was paid another K200,000 by Lungu but early last week information leaked to the chiefs that they were actually dribbled by half what they were supposed to get thereby leading to him being summoned to the palace.

A source close to chief Liteta has disclosed that the chiefs are now demanding that part of the money realised from the biggest toll plaza in the country be used to develop the local area as was their initial plans. They have since requested for an appointment to meet Lungu and air their grievances. The source also disclosed that Shakafuswa may have worked with chief Chamuka who also got some chunk of the loot.

Shakafuswa’s younger brother Ephraim has been on the DEC wanted list for fraud and money laundering but managed to buy his freedom by being a PF praise singer.

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