PF’s still trying to bribe UPND candidate in Senga Hill

The ruling PF have continued everything in the book to try and pursued the widely popular UPND candidate for Senga Hill Giles Yambayamba but the man has so far stuck to his principles and refused.

Yambamba stood on the PF ticket in 2011 elections and narrowly lost by 5 votes only to then ruling MMD’s Kepembwa Simbao whose seat has since been nullified for corruption.

But typical of PF hypocrisy, they have decided to field the same corrupt Simbao under the direction of Rupiah Banda who has taken over the PF key decisions.

But Simbao was not favoured by all the PF structures and is not wanted by the people there in a two horse race that only saw two candidates file in.

“The stakes are too high for this Senga Hill bye-election especially for the ruling PF that wants to defend the Northern circuit votes at all costs. Any entry by the UPND in Northern Province by winning a seat a few months before the general election will be a huge blow. It will mean all other candidates and MPs from that region will now be confident of victory under the UPND. But the man has so far stuck to his principles and refused all sorts of bribery. Unless PF comes with lots of money and bribery, the seat is certainly first entry to the UPND in Northern province. The sicknesses of President Edgar Lungu who may not campaign at full throttle and perception of Rupiah Banda having taken over the PF are equally huge dents for the ruling party,” said PF insiders.

So far, PF have been dangling all sorts of cash incentives plus government appointments like they did with Stardy Mwale who was equally ignored for the Masaiti adoption in preference to corrupt Michael Katambo again at the direction of Rupiah Banda.

Stardy Mwale was the preferred PF candidate for Masaiti having successful petitioned the election of Michael Katambo who was until recently staunch MMD.

Mwale, who was until yesterday the Copperbelt Provincial Chairman, has now been appointed Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary, after Lungu fired late Michael Sata’s in-law Muana Wamunyima.

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