PF/UPND pact taking over fast, says Lubinda



The United Party for National Development (UPND) Patriotic Front (PF) Pact Co-spokesperson Given Lubinda says the pact is slowly closing-in in the number of seats in parliament.

Mr. Lubinda says the numbers of MMD seats is dwindling from 85 to 83 because the Pact is taking over at a sky rocketing speed.

In his congratulatory words in parliament on Friday, Mr. Lubinda said the Pact scooping the Solwezi Central seat send serious signal to the rulling MMD.

Mr. Lubinda, who is also Kabwata Member of Parliament (MP), thanked the electorate in Solwezi Central constituency for making a wise decision to vote for the Pact candidate, Watson Lumba in a tightly contested polls.

‘I would like to thank and congratulate the Solwezi electorate for their wise decision to vote for our candidate, Watson Lumba. The MMD seats in parliament were 85 but now the seats are dwindling because the Pact is filling up the gap,” Mr. Lubinda said.

Last month, the UPND/PF Pact candidate Geoffrey Mwamba popularly known as GBM won the Kasama Central seat.

In yesterday’s elections, the UPND/PF Pact candidate Watson Lumba poured 5,669 against MMD‘s candidate Albert Chifita who got 4457 ,FDA’s Muhammad Kalela got 189, and independent candidate Thomas Kafula only managed a pantry 51 votes.


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