Pharisee Joshua Banda and Peter Ndhlovu

Pharisee Joshua Banda and Peter Ndhlovu

Dear Editor,

I would like to share with you this message I wrote to one of the Christians for Lungu, the Head of BIGOCA, Bishop Peter Ndhlovu.

Kind regards.

Akataluka Songiso
Good morning Man of God,

It is with sadness that I write you this message.

I urge you and Bishop Joshua Banda of Northmead Assembly of God to take time to pray and fight the demon of tribalism which has taken you away from pursuing the justice of our Lord Jesus Christ and of God. Today you are supporting Lungu and his evil practices just because he comes from Eastern Province like yourselves. The man is not even a Christian but you are now telling lies to justify your tribal support for his wicked rule.

Sir, are you happy that you are able to sleep comfortably in your house while the evil Lungu has incarcerated an innocent child of God, Hakainde Hichilema in the deplorable conditions at Mukobeko? Where is the love which Jesus Christ preached about? Would you have been just as happy and quiet if the tables had turned and it was your tribal mate Lungu being incarcerated in such inhumane conditions?

Let me remind you that God is real and He will seek justice for his children. Your conduct makes you fit to be called a modern day pharisee because you have put money, privilege and tribe above the word of God.

I urge you to repent and ask Lungu to do the right thing and put his hatred for fellow men, regardless of tribe and political affiliation, aside. God is not happy with his continued abuse of state institutions to inflict misery and pain on innocent people whom he hates with a passion.

Do not take offence in my mail but instead take it as a timely reminder of God’s will.

May the Lord who sees all things save His children from the shackles of the wicked ones who are in collusion with men of the collar.


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