Pharmaceuticals hike prices of sanitisers, face masks

Pharmaceuticals hike prices of sanitisers, face masks

By Stanislaus Zulu

Zambian Pharmaceutical wholesalers run mainly by Asian businessmen have hiked life saving Coronavirus preventive tools in some cases by almost 200% or even more. Affected are such things as alcohol sanitizers that were previously costing about K5 per bottle to above K15 and face masks that were pegged at K80 but are now in the range of K500 a piece.

Citizens will now wonder why PF and Bowman Lusambo will only intervene on bulk buying of mealie meal than life and death facemasks and sanitizers, or do they want poor people to die like flies before they raid these wholesale pharmaceutical companies.

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    Auria 2 weeks ago

    In some countries hoarding of such items or increasing the price has been outlawed with punishment in some cases going as far as the death penalty. Making such lifesaving items inaccessible is a crime.

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    Sarah 2 weeks ago

    Have you been following the news from the US – same thing.  Average citizens bought up hand sanitizer in bulk from dollar stores and then were selling on eBay and Amazon for up to $70 a bottle.  
    That’s the state of humanity, unfortunately.