Phedophiler at Holly Cross girls school in Mongu

Phedophiler at Holly Cross girls school in Mongu


Please post this to help save pupils as young as 10 years from this phedophiler teacher Mapulanga Maleya at Holy Cross Girls Secondary school in Mongu. It will also to bring it to light the issue and the urgency it deserves to Teaching Service Commission, Teaching Council of Zambia, NGOs and Ministry of Education officials.

This teacher Mapulanga Maleya who is suspected to be HIV positive has been making sexual advances towards pupils, grooming them for sex and actually having sex with them even with pupils as young as grade 8. He has been doing this for a long time and the school Head Mistress a Sr. Bibian Mbao and deputy head a Mr Mukonda are aware of it and have done nothing about it despite many complaints by parents of pupils at the school.


They are supporting the sexual abuse of pupils by doing nothing in the name of protecting the name of the school.

I have attached screenshots as evidence of his sexual abuse of pupils at the school.

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