Phone, Internet, radio communication under Chinese control

Phone, Internet, radio communication under Chinese control

Zambia is set to complete the construction of hundreds of communication towers across the country ahead of schedule, according to Chinese news agency Xinhua.

What this means is that all types and manner of communication in Zambia including military, cabinet, police pass through Chinese hands since they control communication towers. And Zambia tax payers will still have to pay for this surrendering of sovereignty since the money being used to erect the towers is a loan from China.

Brian Mushimba, Minister of Transport and Communication, told the Chinese media that 400 communication towers will be constructed this year in addition to over 600 that were erected last year, translating into about 96 percent of having universal coverage of both internet and communication facilities.

He said in a release that the project, which was supposed to have been completed in three years’ time, will be completed ahead of schedule as the government was expected to build over 1,000 communication towers at the end of the year out of 1,009 that were expected to be completed in three years.

The communication towers were being constructed at a cost of 280 million U.S. dollars with support from China.

The truth is that the US$280 million being used by the Chinese to construct the towers is actually a loan from Export and Import Bank of China.

With uninterrupted access and full control of our communication towers, the Chibese are doing whatever they want and even laughing at our stupidity.

Many countries have banned Chinese firms for communication espionage.

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