Phone repair shops in Zambia

Phone repair shops in Zambia

Is it just me, or there are many other people out there who regret taking a broken smart phone for repair at these small shops owned by Zambians? The deception and lies these guys use to run these businesses is out of this world. I think they need to be registered to some organisation and regulated.

It is not my intention to bring any one down but the treatment I got and what many others are getting by trusting one very popular Zambian entrepreneur called COMESA in Kitwe shouldn’t just be allowed to go without comment. The customer service this man offers is hell.

My phone had an issue with the screen. At around 17.hrs on Friday, I got into his shop. It is a very neat shop with alot of order. A glass wall separates the customers from the so called techincians. On the glass walls are stickers from renowned famous Nigerian prophets and a disclaimer. The LED tv stuck on the wall was tunned to a renowned Negerian religious channel.

In my heart I was impressed and believed that I was in the right place. The shop was crowded with customers who seemed to be waiting for something. I didn’t know that I will join them in waiting for phones that takes forever to fix.

I walked to the counter and found a little man in stature (who later told me is called Comesa) swinging on a chair. After negotiations and paying him K350 + K50 for a screen protector, the man assured me that the phone will be ready at 18.30hrs. I said wow, here they even give a time frame, this is impressive.

18.30 sharp, I went back and asked him about my phone. Since he had gotten the money, the tone of his voice changed. He said just wait there abit, your phone will be ready. I got angry and asked him why he had lied. He responded rudely and asked me to just wait.

I joined the other people who were waiting. Later I realised that other than dismembering it, my phone was intricately hidden on the counter with no one working on it. It is obvious they wanted to work on it the following day. After talking about it, Comesa went out to look for the screen from another shop. They begun working on my phone at 19.30.

Around 20.hrs he disappeared without warning leaving me with his technicians. By 21.hrs my phone was not repaired after making me stand for 2 and half hours. In anger I asked the guy he had left behind to give me my phone. I told him I will come back the following day to get my money. Since I was not from kitwe, I booked a room at lodge.

The following day, I took my phone to a repair shop owned by foreigners. The service their was excellent. I got back to Comesa’s shop at 9.hrs, he was not there. The boy in charge told me to get back at around 14hrs. I found him.

After an angry interchange of words, given he is a proud man, he told me to see him at 17.hrs so he gives me my money. When I went back he was not there. The boy he had left behind was impossible. He was his prototype.

Then some people told me that they understood my pain. They confessed that they have been seeing the same man for two weeks. Comesa always told them to wait a bit. Then when it got too late he would tell them to come back the following day.

They made me wait up 20.hrs and still failed to give me my money after giving me false hopes. Meanwhile, as I was waiting, several other customers who left their phones and paid him money in full, would walk in and ask about progress made on their phones. Some customers were from Luanshya, Ndola and Chingola but they all got the same answer.

The guys in the shop were programmed liars. They would go like” it is just a small thing remaining, just wait a bit or come back tomorrow”. If asked for contacts for Comesa, they would suggest the numbers on the receipt which don’t go through.

Now I am thinking of taking him to police anytime this week so that the police can help me get my money back. On the good side the foreign owned company, repaired my infinix and is back to normal.

Judith K

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