Phones, UPND supporters banned from HH trial

As earlier reported by the Zambian Watchdog, the PF in collusion with the Judiciary and the Zambia Police will accredit people to attend UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema’s trial in the Lusaka High Court.

According to a statement released by the Judiciary Public Relations Officer a Mrs. Chisambisha, apart from accrediting Journalists, for the first time lawyers and observers will also need to accredit themselves. Mobile Phones and Tablets have also been banned from the court room. Nowdays it is common for Journalists and Lawyers to use tablets in court.

The Judiciary spokesperson has also banned UPND supporters from going to court. Further a known PF cadre Charles Kafunda who is Chief Registrar will be responsible for accreditation.

Last week we reported that the PF wanted to limit media coverage of the treason trial because some people in government had realised that the incaceration of HH and his co accused was raising his profile. We detailed that two committees had been formed to that effect. As usual gullible people called us names.

On the media restrictions, we believe this will be the ideal time for the Helen Mwale blind folded MISA board to prove to critics that they are not on State House payroll.


  • Cowardice at best…what are you scared of kanshi???

  • Even if u put bariers it will not work God has alread made a turn around DUNUNA FORWARD

  • Pf forget about DUNUN

  • Am sure in every accredited group there are two SUPER Zambian WatchDOG REPORTERS, ZAMBIAN EAGLE is flying high in air.Infact they advertised it more for leakage. likes pleaase

  • The PF regime is wasting its time; the trial of HH and his co-accused can never be hidden from Zambians and the international community; all the details will be known even if the PF regime limits the number of reporters to cover the event.

  • I leave it to my God.


  • Its very sickening to be denied access to a very educative trial of a high profile person to us who are studying law. The judiciary has no locus standi to issue such unorthodpx and illegal instructions. Why ban only UPND supporters and allow other supporters to attend trial? You are cheating yourselves, we shall attend whether you like it or not. Courts are places where all of us should feel protected, now you are restricting their access! No ways.

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    Avenging Angel 7 months

    dont stress. the pf are running scared and in deep trouble. cadrism only goes so far. being a champion with people that are barred from speaking in public is one thing. being a champion when in court is another all together. in court there are no cadres and no room for cadres. even judges know that they cannot fuck up in court. that is why the pf did everything to make sure that the upnd appeal was not heard.

    this time they will go toe to toe with their intellectual superiors and be beaten like a snare drum. when arresting they were champions. when shoving people in cells and remand they were heros and even went home to have nsima and to the bar for drinks then to their girl friends place for sex. that was when they had the ball. they thought they had scored by shoving someone in stinky cells. they were only dribbling before the ball was in play. now its game on. they have no goalie, their defense is weak and ill prepared. their mid field comprises drunken and hung over louts. their strikers have only played video games. they are relying on the referee to blow in their favour at every turn.

    this is petauke rangers vs world all stars. seasoned shmichael in goal, maldini, roberto carlos (at their prime) in defense, neymar, pogba, iniesta, coutinho, kante and modic in the mid field. bale, ronaldinho, romario, suarez, pele, messi, linekar, maradona, baggio. up front.

    dudes, you’re so fucked!

    now the pf lawyers are in a mess. they are up against their lecturers and seniors in age, experience and skill. the pf legal team stopped using their legal minds kudaaaaaaaaaaala. they have been relying on bent system and bent judges. now its game on. time to read and time to shit. all those nights drinking and fucking women, girls and boys are being cursed. time to earn your keep. pf gave you undue jobs and salaries and benefits. time to repay.

    as for the pig and team. its time to shit yourselves. incompetence will be seen. the emperor is naked.

    the sell out witnesses. your time to shit too. you face perjury if you are found lying on the stand. all the coaching in the world. all the promised money, diplomatic appointments, promotions and stuff are on the line. time to sing like s canary. a canary in a cats stomach that is. lets see you bear false witness. your whole life rides on this. remember, in 5 years time edgar won’t be there to cover your exposed ass.

    99 days a king ends now

  • In a family, members attend court sessions when one of them is being prosecuted.
    Similarly, in a political party, when one of the members is under prosecution, the other members attend as family members would.
    So now what culture is this that is coming into our country now? When did court proceedings become secrets?
    If anything because of the national interest the case has attracted, I was expecting that government was going to be so transparent as to even organise a live TV transmission as is done for parliamentary sessions!!!

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      Avenging Angel 7 months

      to answer, even though your is a rhetorical question.

      state is scared. they have no case and they know it. their evidence is a sham, not eve circumstantial. their witnesses are people that cannot support the legless evidence. the cops are poorly trained, and executed a piss poor job. they are yobos, louts and a disgrace to the uniform and oath they took. they are unschooled, un read and are more uniformed thugs than officer of the law. their thinking is “i arrested him, so he must go to jail. judge, back me up”

      now justice min, the attorney general, the dpp, the ig, the director op, and the whole gang realise that they are in shit and don’t have the shoes for it. they are under scrutiny of the whole common wealth and the whole world . they thought this could be handled silently in zambia with a press they control. now they see sabc, cnn, bbc, aljezeera and more. they thought that they would get away with some judge handing down a judgement to a nondescript person. the common wealth sent someone senior in. now that is a CLEAR MESSAGE to the judges not to fuck around. their professional careers are under close scrutiny. their morals, ethics are under scrutiny by all their peers in the commonwealth.

      pf really landed a big shit with this one.

      rude mumbi phiri won’t work here. rude davis chama has no pull here. fast talking given lubinda is out of his league. harry kalaba is quiet as a catholic mouse at a pentecostal rat convention.

      shit is on!

  • Lets wait and see

  • Easy trust god 4 anything

  • Nobantu shuwa

  • All of us shall have gadgets and if you want send us away.After all some of your staff are our members and they cannot let us in the dark.But i know whythey want control.They fear being embarrassed by Keith.He is just bad.Look at the people he has embarrased.

  • God is watching

  • but olo info itigwila kaili

  • We shall be there in the air as you breath

  • comment reserved

  • Open your eyes and c de world we r in zambia

  • Tafyakabombe

  • They said he was not a factor…

  • It is sad to see how people are not using education as a tool to understand human rights and the importance of media cover.
    Up now, the courts are still treating like pigs, they can say and do any rubbish and they seems to be gods .
    What’s wrong to go with phones and tablets in the Court?
    I pity with our court today

  • WONDER shall never End in Zambia !!!!!!!