Photo of the day: 2021 voters

Photo of the day: 2021 voters

And these will determine the president of Zambia in 2021. Cry beloved country

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    Jeremiah machile 2 weeks ago

    Hee What is this criminality are we see. Why abusing these underage Boys and Girls. Is this in Zambia or maybe Congo DRC where we have seen Child Soldiers in Rebel camps.
    Please let stop this criminality if its true.

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    Muwerewere 2 weeks ago

    If the NRC’s are not just a joke made real then things have fallen apart.

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    Yes, these seem to be NRCs of Southern Province underage boys who took part in the 2016 elections. There was a lot of talk about it at the time.

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    Samlindo 2 weeks ago

    You put fecal matter in a dog kennel and loaded him in to transport him to prison, God was watching.
    You imprisoned him for many days on flimsy charges, God was watching.
    You shot at him with the aim of killing him, God was watching
    You stole his votes, God was watching
    You accused him of almost every bad thing on earth, God was watching.
    Now God has asked him to take charge, you are now in disarray because you are now afraid of your own misdeeds which are staring back at you, and now you see how terrible you treated a fellow human being.

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    Hingwaama 2 weeks ago

    Failure starts with the absence of birth certificates as primary documents for verification. NRC’s are issued based on trust affidavit signed by an adult claiming to be uncle. No way to verify identity, parentage or age. We need to go back to the drawing board….

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    Are these their NEC’s or its just a show.kindly confirm.God help us

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    Are these NEC’s for these babies or its just a show? help me understand please.

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    Beejay 2 weeks ago

    So what do you do with things like this?