Photos of the day: abandoned infrastructure

Photos of the day: abandoned infrastructure

Abandoned infrastructure

This is one of the haphazardly initiated projects by the PF in order to cheat voters. This was supposed to be a secondary school in Chief Shibuchinga s backyard of Lufwanyama district.

Apart from being abandoned due to lack of money, the PF used cheap material to raise the building up to this lever. If you are familiar with constructing buildings, you will know that raising a building up to this level is the cheapest part.

The abandoned school is just a stone throw away from the chief’s palace along St Mary’s road off the main Solwezi Kalulushi road.

A resident had this to say:
‘The bricks used are of low quality. Secondly even if the bricks are of low quality, government has struggled to finish the 1X3 classroom block and one house under construction. Thirdly this project looks abandoned because it can hardly be seen due to the tall grass that has swallowed it.

‘My conclusion is that this is how politicians misuse the intellect of the rural voter. Secondly, everything has price tag. The low quality of this new school under construction shows how government values Chief Shibuchinga of the Lamba people13059576_1030233357023607_861471227_n (1) 13022364_1030235567023386_608741607_n

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