Photo of the day: Chief Chikanta HH hater

Photo of the day: Chief Chikanta HH hater

This is chief Chikanta of  Kalomo district, covering Dundumwezi. He is the only chief in  southern province who is celebrating the arrest of Hakainde Hichilema. Today he will endorse the declaration of the state of emergency when he meets  his financier Edgar Lungu.

Apparently Chikanta, his wife and children are the only  6 people who voted for Edgar Lungu in Dundumwezi during the 2016 flawed and rigged elections, despite Chikanta himself receiving 4 million Kwacha and 3 landcruisers to campaign for Lungu.

Today, Chikanta will be all over ZNBC and other PF media as he is scheduled to meet Lungu. Scores of PF cadres have already been ferried to Dudndumwezi while Chikanta himself has been assigned 20 police men to protect him.

But the people of Dundumwezi are not even concerned about the visit of Lungu and are wondering why his visit should be so politicised and advertised on ZNBC.

One headman told the Watchdog, ‘they came and offered us money to go and parade ourselves for Lungu and start praidimg him.

‘Look, we are free now since it’s not farming season so we shall certainly go and get some entertainment and whatever Lungu is bringing we shall accept because that is our money. But take note that we loathe that man’s conduct but we are not vengeful like him. We know he is coming to mock us but we shall just listen to what he is saying then continue with our lives.’

Asked how people view the detention of HH, the headman said ‘you have no idea how much people are depressed him. We are in prison together with HH but we shall never lose hope.’

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