Photo of the day: body language

Photo of the day: body language

This picture was taken yesterday during a Cabinet meeting break. Look at the emotions of both Amos Chanda and Edgar Lungu in comparison to Felix Mutati. Whereas the duo appear to be hiding their feelings and emotions, Felix appears to be real and himself.

This is a stage managed photo session meant to fool Mutati that all is well. If Felix has got a strong intuition, he can tell that both Amos and his boss are not genuine. They seem to be hiding something.

To our dear friend Felix, you would be naive to think Edgar is not behind these demonstrations. We saw this during the third term campaign, we saw this when Captain Chewe aspired to the MMD vice presidency, we saw this during the GBM/Winter fallout. All that money to pay cadres who are going into the street is coming from State House. If you know these commanding officers, ask them about instructions to let cadres go to the street without a police permit.

Felix, Lungu is a sly person. He won’t show you that he doesn’t want you anymore. He will fool you into believing that he is on your side yet he is at night intensifying the cadres to pressure you to resign. Lungu is a user and once you have served his purpose and no longer useful, he is going to dump you like he has dumped many others. The other think you need to know is that Lungu is scared of intelligent people that is why he is surrounded by dunderheads as his aides. He is preparing an idiot and drunkard like Chris Mvunga to succeed you. Open your eyes.

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