Photo of the day: drug trafficker tests Presidential jet

Drug trafficker Valden Findley and other crooks take test flight with president Edgar Lungu in the customised private jets with state of the art features

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    sawasawa 2 weeks ago

    The country where people are saffering majority cant afford to buy cars they dont have shopping malls allover they dont buy smart phones and tv’s even in rural areas zambians we lucky in southern Africa thats we able to supply food to all our neighbouring country
    stop feeding people with hate and jealousy they never go anywhere please

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    sawasawa 2 weeks ago

    stop promoting jealous it kills hardworking mentality

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    I 🙏 pray every night that we Zambians suffer more more until we start to eat sh*t because we will vote PF again

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    Mario 3 weeks ago

    One cant help but feel sorry for Lungu,does this man have friends?These fly by night “friends ” will desert him when he truly needs friends.Anyway,he has consciously chosen his path to Jerico,we shall sit and watch and try not to laugh as the penultimate hour approaches,as it is not funny,the damage the visionless man has caused to his future,the nation,is collosal,as some f00l says,”..let us roll”

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    Masha Ncube 3 weeks ago

    Who is the drug trafficker – Watchdog, please report him to the CIA – see what they did to El Chapo, most recently, and then the Akasha brothers and your well-known Vijayigiri (VJ) Goswami (also incarcerated in the USA now)!

    Read some more on the Orejuela brothers, Gilberto and Miguel – these were all very big drug lords next only to the insurmountable Pablo Escobar!


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    Ba Watchdog – why show us pictures without addressing each one separately!!! How are we supposed to know which shenanigans you are alluding too? Who are those boys on the top picture? Are they Lungu’s boys?

    Anyway, I appreciate the info – Lungu is not in good company and time will judge him unkindly!

    God Almighty Help Us!

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    slm1968 3 weeks ago

    It’s not worth $70m!
    A jet with four wheels at the back is too small to cost that much.
    How much would these mamparas have paid for a customized jumbo jet like Air Force One?

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    Miles Mulenga 3 weeks ago

    Look carefully fellow Zambians! Here you see where the $70 million has gone to, and why you have not been paid for two or three months now!