Photo of the day: HH jiving as he campaigns in Lubansenshi

Photo of the day: HH jiving as he campaigns in Lubansenshi

But then, he had this to say:
In our continued interactions with fellow citizens here in 5c5d1cfda67709391ca26d8aeb047351 30395d218979eaac0e8cab02b99ffb13 352398aeeed9aae59f37045b37e5e583 c5d4b4c2c089583c67ee0a47cc030d13and other parts of the country, it is very clear the poverty levels are unacceptable.

We cannot wait for a time that sees both local and foreign investors start value addition industries which we shall be more than happy to launch as they will employ a lot of our people, especially youths and women, through direct and indirect jobs.

For example, we see it as a seriously missed opportunity for us to be exporting raw grain maize to other countries when we could easily have milled and exported it as mealie meal, feedstock, and other products.

We could have earned more than 3 times the foreign revenue just from our maize grains being locally processed by our people and exported to our neighbours as finished products, hence contributing to the stabilisation of our currency.

By so doing, lots of direct and indirect jobs would have been created in the value chain and the maize price for our farmers increased.

Now we are exporting grains, which simply means we are also exporting jobs because our importers will now process the same maize and later export things such as feedstock to us in foreign currency, meaning we lose forex while they earn from our products.

And we can do the same with our tomatoes, mangoes, fish, bananas, groundnuts, and much of our agricultural produce. Such poverty reduction measures are areas in which our candidate in the Lubansenshi bye election, Hon. Patrick Mucheleka, is very passionate and ready to help deliver.

That is part of our robust economic diversification programme to move away from traditional exports of raw metals.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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