Photo of the day: jailed journalist Sinjela

Photo of the day: jailed journalist Sinjela

A rare picture of jailed Rainbow Newspaper Founder and Managing Editor Derrick Sinjela.

I thought Sinjela would be one of those 283 inmates President Lungu pardoned inmates in commemoration of Zambia’s 55th Independence Anniversary, unfortunately, he was not among those set free.

It is amazing how things change first. Prior to the 2011 general elections, Sinjela was a PF supporter and covered President Micheal Sata extensively, at a time when it was not even fashionable to do, when gravy was in covering MMD.

When PF won, he was not one of those journalists invited in the gravy train, and used to complain bitterly. But he got over it and moved on.

Today, the same PF he covered and campaigned for, couldn’t even give him a pardon, when his only crime was just annoying the Judiciary.

Comrades, tomorrow is never guranteed. Whatever you do, do it because you believe in it, never expect anything – reward or applause, you will be disappointed. That is why in my political life, I never expect anything, my driving force is just belief that it is the correct thing to do, anything else is just a bonus.

Yona Musukwa

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