Photo of the day: Kambwili in Monze

Kambwili received with both hands in Monze


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    let him join other loosers the likes of gbm,guy scort,nevers mumber,mwaliteta,desperate mulongoti & others so that we wire them in 2021 burry them in their pockets for good.

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    Bukala Bwandi 2 weeks

    I can feel what Jonathan is now going through. He should be having sleepless nights. Wapya muzi!!!!!

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    samuel Lindo 2 weeks

    I am not a fun of Kambwili mainly because of his bossy nature and I know that his level of intelligence is quite below standard, but on this move of going to physically apologise to the people of southern province, he has beaten me hands down because it is actually a move that I did not expect from him and it is a good move which has of course taken many by surprise. It is a move which shows maturity and level headedness which I did not know about Kambwili, LET US HOPE HE HAS GENUINELY CHANGED FOR THE BETTER BUT KNOWING HIM, HE MAY JUST BE PLAYING TO THE GALLERY FOR THE PURPOSE OF PRESERVING HIS OWN SKIN AND ONCE THAT IS PRESERVED HE MAY GO BACK TO HIS OLD BOSSY SELF.

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    Democrat 2 weeks

    This is what is called deception and eating your own vomit. There is nothing credible and honest about thos man, he is preying on the short memories of this man who plays am exceptional game of tribalism and populism

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    A.S.Mbuzi 2 weeks

    zambians: One Zambia One Nation

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    kubweka 2 weeks

    very good for Zambia

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    IQBAL 2 weeks


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    Gift sinkambe 2 weeks

    Good move, chishimba kambwili you are most welcome to southern, forget about the past everything comes and pass we are one people and one Zambia one nation.