Photo of the day: Kitwe’s Hell run

Dear Editor
This picture depicts part of the Nkana West-Mindola Road which has fallen into an acute state of disrepair. It is a major thoroughfare used by cargo-laden trucks and other vehicular traffic bound for Kalulushi, Chingola, Chililabombwe, North-Western Province and DR Congo, among other destinations. Considering its huge economic importance to the country, this road should have already received immediate and urgent repair works to arrest its progressively deteriorating state. Instead of focusing on tarring non-value adding township roads (save for political mileage purposes), the main Kitwe artery (comprising Central Street/Nkana West-Mindola/Chibuluma Roads) should have been prioritized and earmarked for rehabilitative works. With its near-impassable roads, one would be forgiven for thinking that Kitwe was some extension of Dundumwezi or an opposition stronghold.
Disgusted Kitwe Resident

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