Photo of the day: Post reporter or PF official?

Photo of the day: Post reporter or PF official?

473195_567661536597677_402566596_oIn the Photo, Post newspaper reporter, Roy Habaalu seating in for Wynter Kabimba at the ongoing meeting of political parties in Sudan. Kabimba is leading a delegation of PF officials to the meeting sponsored by Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir
Representatives of 35 African political parties are meeting in the Sudanese capital Khartoum to establish what they call a joint forum meant to increase unity among the African nations.

But the intention seems to be nothing but the old age rhetoric of bashing the Western World and blaming Europe for Africa’ own created problems. The so called  Council of the African Political Parties looks like another AU meant to rally African support for war criminal like Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir who caused the deaths of millions of people in South Sudan.

“I suggest this meeting will be one of the basic steps to complete the unity of Africa,” Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said on Saturday during his opening speech to the first conference of the Council of the African Political Parties

Al Bashir insisted on the need for Africa to be keen in selecting its partners, who have to support it to achieve development, especially that it has great potentialities and currently witnessing promotion and development in economic and political aspects besides increase in development, trade rate, and strengthening its institutions.
Al Bashir hinted to the foreign ambitions that target the resources of the continent.
He said that the African continent witnesses new attacks from colonization forces, which sought to create chaos in many countries to rob resources, considering that as one of the biggest challenges facing the African parties. Al Bashir said that the convening of this conference represents a popular integration for the continent parties.

“This meeting wants to unite the African political parties. We want to create a political body for all the parties,” said Nafie Ali Nafie, a Sudanese government official and main organiser of the ,meeting.

“The Council of African Political Parties will be one of the mechanisms which will stand up to the International Criminal Court.”
The council, he stated, will be an assisting body to the African Union (AU), pointing out the advancement in the performance of the AU which, he reiterated, will be supported by the council on the issues of liberation and resolving African problems.

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