Photo of the day: president Kabimba meetings dignitaries

Photo of the day: president Kabimba meetings dignitaries

It looks like his excellency Wynter Kabimba is settling well in office as acting president of Zambia.

Yesterday he was enjoying discharging functions of the head of state after chairing a cabinet meeting the previous day.

He wrote Tuesday afternoon:

“This afternoon I was humbled to be visited by a delegation from the Consortium of International Management Policy and Development (CIMPAD), USA.

These are Professors Peggy Valentine (President), Berhanu Mengistu (Vice President), Dr Harvey White (Past President) and Dr. Theodore J. Davis Jr. (Programme chair). They are in the country for a series of meetings which include a lecture on public administration.

I was impressed by their desire to connect with the African continent in raising the bar in terms of public administration and governance as well as issues of development”, President Kabimba said.10262260_766743583376394_3426326841978960819_n 10475998_766743353376417_7295875840290344942_n

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