Photo of the day: tourism minister promoting Nigerian attire

Activist and artiste Maiko Zulu writes👇🏾

The Zambian Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda promoting Nigerian attire live on national TV as ZNBC cuts a caller Daniel Katongo who questioned the Minister.
This tells you why the creative industry is struggling in our country. Their priorities are elsewhere.

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    Njangwamuloty 1 week ago

    It’s so stupid of you to claim just because you do not have a traditional attire where you come from then it means all of Zambia does not have one! We know some of you chaps’ traditional attire ‘ni chintako’ meaning birthday suit or zero attire! Where I come from we have liziba ni misisi, period! So speak for yourself, bakoswe imwe!

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    Wesley 1 week ago

    Va Dominic naimwe… are very depressing…So you envy Nigerians……may be you have roots or connections from there! It is not good to be envious. What the reporter is communicating is that our Minister has chosen to advertise Nigeria instead of advertising Zambian tourism…Period.

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    General 1 week ago

    This is very dull reporting.

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    KAMBWILI 1 week ago

    he fucked the hiv positive presenter after interview

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    ZODWA 1 week ago

    zambians are stupid in nature i decide not to wear pants and ka Godfridah says its immoral atase so backwards in nature

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    Dominic 1 week ago

    The writer of the article must deeply reflect on his/her thoughts.
    1.What dressing attire was he/she wearing when writing the article?

    2.From which part of Zambia is the attire?

    It is obvious that the writer will be at pains to tell the Zambian region from which his/her clothes are from.

    Zambia has no National dress code which can make any outsider identify that the person they are seeing is from Zambia.At least the Nigerians can boast of this.So stop being unduly jealous of other people’s dressing.

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    CHITALU MULENGA 1 week ago

    I advised but he said he wanted fresh air underneath his bottom kikikikiki

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    jimmy shaba 1 week ago


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    Well, does Zambia have its own attire? the answer is NO. Everything we wear was the work of other people. I even wonder why we punish ourselves wearing suits at the peak of the hot season. At least our friends in Nigeria designed their attire to suit their humid environment. In Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc) they have their own attire that suits their environments. I will not condemn the Hon. Minister.

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    CHARLES BANDA 1 week ago

    kikikiki I’ve never seen such dull Zambians you know my portfolio i’m trying to attract Nigerian investors buti ndimwe batulo wake up please kakakakaka

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    TOLILO 1 week ago

    I thought he was from Anambra state of Nigeria!!!

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    The Idiot Minister