Photo of the day: when president loses respect

Anyone can point a finger at his head 


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    Tione 1 week

    Ewe naimwe whatever was been discussed finger iyi taiweme iyooo!

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    trueth be told 2 weeks

    you realy want the president to fire that you go running for him to join your dead will never happen.chitotela respects the president so much.and too loyal .you dont know what transpired on that stage.better keep quiet.chitotela will never join upnd……

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    Dominic 2 weeks

    What loss of respect are you talking about.You have no idea what was going on between the two except to imply that there must have been angry words exchanged between the President and is it Minister Chitotela.This is far from the truth.There is no loss of respect by the President.To prove this point go and point your finger at the President and you will see how the Security detail will handle you.Try it!!!!

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      kufahakurambwe 1 week

      You do realize the head of state is a public servant and should be treated as such. This mentality of making ‘him’ out to be a God is truly backwards. You seem extremely proud to be deprived of your basic human rights. Third world mind set…. SHAME