Photographer Tukuta re-arrested

Photographer Tukuta re-arrested

Renowned Photographer, Chella Tukuta has been re-arrested shorlty after being granted bail by the Ndola Magistrates Court.

Chella is facing other criminal libel charges in Lusaka involving senior government officials.



Copperbelt Police commissioner Charity Katanga has disclosed that Lusaka cameraman Chellah Tukuta has been charged with defaming, issuing racial remarks and threatening violence against Abdulai Khalif 68 of 5851 Airport Road in Itawa.

Mr Khalif is also the director of Khalif Motors Limited.

“Yes, he is in our custody, he is facing counts of libel and two counts of threatening violence and expressing hatred to persons because of their race and place of their origin,” Ms Katanga said.
“This occurred on separate dates but between May 26 and June 17 this year where he, Tukuta 34 of Lusaka, posted on his Facebook account called Chella Tukuta Photography defamatory statement and hatred against Khalif, also threatening violence in relation to the same man.”

She said other defamatory remarks were made against Benson Tembo 51 of plot number 2336 Kawama road in Pamodzi, who is the secretary general for Petroleum Transporters Association of Zambia (PTAZ).

Ms Katanga said Chellah also defamed Ms Langiwe Lungu, 52, the director general of Energy Regulation Board (ERB) of Kabulonga Lusaka.

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  • comment-avatar
    Rose Mwila 1 week ago

    Let him be taken to court. why use the police. let him defend himself in the court of law. What law is the police playing in this case? Let the accused sue him. Kapyongo, has Chellah killed a person?

  • comment-avatar
    Gibson 1 week ago

    But these are personal matters, which a person does not need to be in jail for 10 days. Swaziland which is a monarch is by far better than Zambians when it comes to human rights. What is democracy if it does not involve rule of law, abuse of power. This is purely abuse of power.

  • comment-avatar

    Dull people running the service! It’s very clear that libel, defamations are all civil matters…when professionals in the civil service are dull politicians will abuse them!!

    Looks like dullness and in professionalism is a qualification for positions in the civil service!!

    Look at shapa, he was fired for being professional, same with kasolo

  • comment-avatar
    Kalok 1 week ago

    My biggest concern is why the police are being used in these matters. Why??? How??? Can we have our lawyers to please intervene in this debacle before it becomes a full-fledged abuse of due process?

    • comment-avatar
      Hatoni 1 week ago

      @kalok Zambia doesn’t have lawyers. It just has hustlers looking for an appointment from State House. In South Africa for example you would have seen a number of lawyers standing up to challenge the constitutionality of the statutes used to detain this man. In Zambia all the lawyers have their tails between the legs while a citizen is harassed by political tyrants

  • comment-avatar
    James bond 007 1 week ago

    The Chinese talk shit on Zambian workers but you don’t arrest them.
    Mwanya time is coming for you to face the music.