Photos of the day: Chifubu MP batters wife

Photos of the day: Chifubu MP batters wife

Chifubu PF MP Frank Ngambi attempts to murder wife.

He has a history of killing wives as he murdered his first wife.

This time, Ng’ambi assaulted his wife after she confronted him over a side chick he has been parangaciating only known as Memory from Ndola.

Ng’ambi has built 3 flats for his side chick Memory and when his wife confronted him over it, he begun disfiguring her.

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    Eastern Nzika 5 days ago

    Chaipa ngako kuthibula teti mwanakazi wapan’ganda.a MP aba nichipondo

  • comment-avatar
    James bond 007 5 days ago

    Sorry Dear but minimize the use of mekako and jaribu or deprozo