Photos of the day: compare and contrast

Photos of the day: compare and contrast

12998432_1078314605584027_3963202693435533973_o 12994296_10154109343269793_8264120452167452436_n 12974353_10154109330754793_5237412067182698981_n 12973105_1078314352250719_3495215856554782873_oTwo of the the following photos were taken yesterday from a PF rally in one of Zambia’s most densely populated areas, Munali in Lusaka. The rally was held after massive advertisement on radio and TV and PF supporters trekked from all over Lusaka.

The other two photos were taken the same day in one Zambian rural area, Chibombo in Central province. The gathering was impromptu. The UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema was merely passing through the place on his way to attend a Church event in Kabwe. The people lined up naturally when word went round that he would be passing through forcing him to stop and greet the people.

Now compare and contrast the reaction from the crowds. One crowd is passive and noncommittal signifying that they were there for other reasons other than attraction.

The other crowd is excited, as evidenced by their gesturing of party symbols.

By the way, this place is not very far from where one Shakafuswa is an outgoing MP.

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