Photos of the day: Sesheke Central Business District

Photos of the day: Sesheke Central Business District

A huge delegation of PF ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Ambassadors and MPs was in Sesheke to supposedly mourn the area MP Frank Kufakwandi.

They spent more than K10 million on allowances, transport which included a chartered plane for themselves. These people have no manners or respect.

Yet, the people of Sesheke have remained in this dirty, neglected place without proper infrastructure.

The PF delegation was in Sesheke to try and identify a person willing to stand on their party ticket in the bye election in addition to accumulating financial allowances.

The K10 million they spent just in two days could transform this market into a modern facility and our mothers can trade in a decent place. But no, money must go in their pockets while they show their fat ‘solemn’ faces before they go to look for the next drinking place.

What you see here is the main road in Sesheke. It’s the town centre.

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