Photos of the day: Solwezi General Hospital

Current situation at Solwezi General hospital maternity wing due to old and colonial buildings.

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    muzamuziba yesu for perpetually belonging to the small god of dundumwezi, the government should first look after those areas where they are appreciated. it’s simple logic

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      its called political will silly..u freely choose who u vote for…stay blessed and be rational next time with ur comments.

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    Musonda 2 weeks ago

    You are busy buying Jets and those wheelbarrows for fire at a million dollar each…what a joke!

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    Mario 2 weeks ago

    Perhaps we should be chasing these issues up with our MPs. There is a reason they are voted into office make them accounted also follows these things up with your local clls make them make and prove there usefulness 

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    Looks in very good condition,
    Because we vote for PF and this is what we get, I hope we vote these criminals out in 21 or you will all suffer even more