Say no to tribal politics, says musician Pilato

Say no to tribal politics, says musician Pilato

Writing on his Facebook page, musician Fumba Chama known as Pilato, says:10400766_916843098343627_159621171811508799_n

After watching the Sunday interview I feel honorable Kambwili has lowered his guard too low. The Minister’s attack on our relatives in one “part of the country” is very disappointing and very irresponsible. We cannot sit and watch the government spokesperson speak ill of any tribe or region in Zambia without a reaction. Today it may be normal to insult or belittle one tribe and it may sound funny but tomorrow that tribe may be yours. The minister was sowing seeds of division on national television without anyone to stop him. I know his job is to talk but that can be costly if the talking is carelessly done.

Today we all have at least a friend from another tribe, a relative from another tribe and even workmates from another tribe. Many of us like comrade Fred Mmembe and one ZAGAZE have relatives in all the tribes in Zambia so any insult on any tribe is injurious.
If we as a country choose to create unnecessary boundaries between ourselves it will be very difficult to conquer the challenges we face as a country. We can’t afford to divide ourselves on the basis of tribe it is just plain stupid. It should be illegal to belittle or insult any tribe. Just as racism is evil so is this tribal talk. So honorable kindly leave that talk, you have the power to build this country and the responsibility to make it a better place for your grandchildren who may be victims of this tribal talk tomorrow.

Yes that tribal talk may win you some votes but you lose many too. Remember you have members in those regions too…. how do you expect to win votes from people you are religiously belittling?
No tribe nor race is superior than others in Zambia. We have one Zambia one enemy, our enemy is poverty. We need every tribe’s participation in making our country a better place. No one single tribe can develop Zambia, Zambia is everyone’s responsibility.
We can’t divide ourselves any further.
Politics should help us build a better country not enemies of ourselves.

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