Pilato sings for re-opening of universities

Social Activist and Zambia’s renowned musician Pilato (Chama Fumba) has released yet another hit song, this time taking the case for UNZA and CBU students.

Pilato in Adele’s tone, says it’s unfortunate that minister of Higher Education Michael  Kaingu has shut UNZA and CBU over allowances when his and cabinet ministers’ children are all abroad attending expensive schools overseas using tax payers’ money.

The hot song is currently making turns on radio and social media. You can listen to the song here.

On his facebook, Pilato had this to say:


Because I believe in the future of our great country, I also believe in educating our youth. The closure of CBU and UNZA was very unfortunate. While the minister and our president feel justified for doing so I feel we are just delaying our own progress as a country. Every well meaning Zambian should demand for the reopening of our two universities for the sake of our future. While it is true that you are punishing the students, it is also true that you are postponing the empowerment of our so many youths.

I have to this effect put out a song which I can not share on this platform now but I have whatsapped it to your best friend. Kindly ask them to send it to you if they too don’t have it let them ask their best friends too. Or simply wait for it to hit you.
Thank you.

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