Plan International abusing pregnant Zambia minor

Plan International abusing pregnant  Zambia minor

In order to highlight teen and child pregnancies in Zambia, Plan International devised a media campaign that in their view brings attention to the scourge.

Plan International, despite being known for advancing children’s rights and equality for girls is however promoting  this campaign in a shameful way.

A pregnant 12 year old Zambian girl, named Fridah, was made to wear sexy clothes by a Finish designer and took romantic pictures of her by a Finish photographer

This pictures were then circulated in Finland and to create a so called campaign against child pregnancy.

The young girl was made to pose sexually in the manner of fashion photography.

They produced romanticized pictures of child pregnancy for the campaign to in their view “shock Finnish audiences”, to raise awareness.

This resulted in the images of a pregnant Fridah, as a 12 year old African child exhibited at bus stops, in the windows of shops, and other public places in Finland.

Surprising Plan International even won an award for this abusive campaign.

Where are the child and women campaigners?

Where are the campaigns against abuse and exploitation?

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