‘Plan was to assassinate HH in Mongu,

‘Plan was to assassinate HH in Mongu,

…. where were the presidential sweepers?

What happened in Mongu where motorcades carrying Edgar Lungu and Hakainde Hichilema nearly bumped each other was a properly rehearsed attempted assassination of Hichilema.

OP senior officers have revealed that the plan was to hit HH’s and force it to overturn then blame HH for failing to give way to a presidential motorcade.

‘Just ask yourself, where were the presidential sweepers?’ Said one intelligence official.

The OP explained that even a child knows that when the president is about to use the road, the police clear it 2 hours before the president passes and cops are planted along the road. But this did not happen yesterday, why?

Did all the 600 police that were deployed to Mongu fail to secure the road for their commander? Was there any altercation between the police and HH’ s supporters anywhere over the usage of the road? The answer is no. So how did the presidential motorcade get so close to the vehicle of HH? And by the way HH was not driving himself.

And the OP are not amused that Lungu’s mouthpiece Amos Chanda has indirectly revealed that there was an attempt to kill HH.

In a statement, Chanda claimed that a split second decision was going to be made to prevent any cause of danger to President Edgar Lungu on his was back from the Kuomboka traditional ceremony yesterday.

Chanda said ‘Hichilema breached the law by not giving way for the Presidential Motorcade, and that he passed major check points in good time but slowed down so that Eagle One can find him on the way.

“We had two options: to slow down and allow him to reach Limulunga or to bump him off and create some scene of sorts which is what he wanted,” Chanda said.

Clearly, Lungu was coming from behind HH , according to this statement by Chanda. The question again is, why did the police fail to secure the road for Lungu by allowing HH to drive ahead? Didn’t they know what time Lungu would travel?

When Chanda says ‘bump Hichilema off’, he means hit him off the road. And this was the main mission.

Chanda said “A decision was made to by pass him and in our mind we were clear non danger was posed to His Excellency unless Mr. Hichilema himself would ram his car into Eagle.
“As per established security and protocol orders, a decision to bump off all strange objects was made but a quick consultation upwards resulted into a different option which was undertaken,” says Chanda.

Now, this does not make sense at all. Chanda is telling the nation that within a split second, a decision to hit HH wad made, and within that split second, consultations were made and a different decision was made?????

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