Play with whiskey not God, Mumba advises

Play with whiskey not God, Mumba advises

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MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba on Saturday 30 July, 2016 joined thousands of Copperbelt residents in tumultious chants of ‘BYE, BYE BA LUNGU ,’ at whirlwind mammoth rallies within 24 hours, sweeping through Luanshya Baluba, Mindolo, Chingola and finally Kwacha township in Kitwe with alliance partner UPND Vice-President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, in their continued Zambia United non-stop campaigns to drum up support for the election of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for Republican President in the 11 August election.

Dr. Mumba reminded the people that the PF had lied to them about ‘more jobs’ when they campaigned to take over power from the MMD in 2011 but instead have destroyed over 7,000 mining jobs on the Copperbelt due to their confused mining policies, which have reduced miners to beggars. He said they lied about bringing a pro-poor economy to the people of Zambia but instead hiked the price of the Zambian staple food ‘mealie-meal’ from K37.00 per bag left by the MMD to K100.00 per bag at the moment. He further said instead of improving on what the MMD was giving farmers in the farmers’ input support programme of 4 bags urea and 4 bags D compound fertilizer they lied and have reduced this to just 4 bags in total in theory but in practice only give a total of 2 bags.

He further said the value of the kwacha to the dollar which the MMD left at K4.7 has deteriorated to K11 per dollar, causing a sharp rise in the cost of living and prices of basic commodities far beyond the reach of most poor people.

He told the people that they voted for both Mr. Rupiah Banda and Mr. Lungu in tears during periods of national mourning and gave them sympathy votes in 2008 and 2015 respectively but urged them to now wake up and vote wisely as they are no longer in mourning but are suffering. He told them that the party for which Mr. Sata and Dr. Guy Scott sweated to put in power in 2011 had now been highjacked by Mr. Lungu who has given it to the people who used to insult Mr. Sata and that all those who sweated with Mr. Sata have now been thrown out and replaced by strangers.

Dr. Mumba further urged President Lungu to feel free to play with anything, including whisky if he so wished, but should be careful to give due honour and respect to God’s name which he was now carelessly dragging into politically-motivated prayer meetings aimed at deceiving Zambians and to advance his own political ambitions. He said Mr. Lungu on the one hand looks humble during the day and calls for prayer meetings, but at night summons senior police officers to State House and instructs them to deal firmly with the opposition, which unfortunately recently resulted in the death of a young UPND cadre at the hands of armed police officers.

He called on all Zambians, particularly MMD members country-wide, to unite with their UPND colleagues and other progressive Zambians to vote for Hakainde Hichilema as president, emulating their fore-fathers who united across ethnic lines in 1963 and 1991 to remove the colonial masters and the UNIP government respectively to achieve a bigger cause of rescuing Zambians from suffering.

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