Please deal with Emmanuel Mwamba

Editor ,


Technical advise (opinion aii take it or leave it)

Chavuta had access to the ECZ server right!!! If that is correct then I suspect that he had installed a software called team viewer.. This software enables a person to access the server remotely.. What does this mean??

Example….. ECZ severs location is mulungushi, emanuel mwamba and his team is at pamodzi he can get access to the ECZ server without him being physically their.. He can in put , change delete anything…… Another option would be that chavuta got the ip address of the ECZ servers which will enable anyone who is on the same network to connect to them and manipulate what’s their… Solutions to the above problems..

1.They should change the ip address of the ECZ server.

2. Check if team viewer is installed if it is then the should uninstal it..

3. Deal with emanuel mwamba

I have manage to put up his puzzle from the reports so far….

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