Please Dora, tribalists are those who voted PF despite harsh economic conditions under PF

Dear editor,

I have read a lot of ridicule and insults targeted at some regions, especially the people of Southern Province on how they voted for opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in the just ended presidential election.

Unfortunately, some of the ridicule even comes from senior people such as Former Petauke MP Dora Siliya who by the way has continued to insult late president Michael Sata by implying that PF’s Sata lost, but it was Lungu who won the elections.

Personally as a farmer from Eastern province where the main activity is predominantly farming, I am still at pains to imagine that someone could honestly line-up and vote for a regime that has not paid him for his farming produce up to now.

I am now conviced beyond doubt that issues on who has the best policies for Zambia are no longer a factor on who to vote for.

It is now very clear that someone has no problem being cosigned to death through poverty as long as their relative is in power.

Did Dora and others condemning the people of Southern Province and other regions that voted for UPND really expected them to vote for PF despite not being paid their money for last season?

Southern province is a predominantly farming area, like here in Eastern province, and it was clear they are not happy with the PF government in the manner it has treated farmers.

How could Dora and others condemning regions such as Western province that voted for UPND expect them to vote for Lungu and PF when their sons and daughters are languishing in prisons over governance issues that have not been fulfilled such as the Barotse question despite the PF promising them?

In fact, the people whose heads must be checked are the farmers who voted for Lungu’s PF despite not having been paid their money for which they worked.

Civil servants who voted for their own wage freeze despite UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema promising to lift it.

Zambians who voted for Lungu who to date has not been committed on when the constitution making process will be concluded.

Zambians, like Dora Siliya, who voted PF that has borrowed 5 billion US dollars within 3 years and taken the country back to a Highly Indebted Poor Country again.

How could a student from Mulungushi University that has been closed by the PF government for close to 6 months now have voted for PF other than tribal inclinations?

How could a student from University of Zambia and Copperbelt University vote for PF’s Lungu when they have delayed bursaries or no money at all?

How could a Mine Supplier, Mine Contractor, Mine Worker vote for PF that has not resolved their issues such as delayed payments and poor working conditions other than tribal inclinations?

In all fairness, UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema really offered solutions to all these issues and perhaps the best Lungu can do is possibly copy these and use them as his.

For me, the real tribalists are those who voted PF despite the harsh prevailing economic conditions being faced.

Daniel Mwale


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