‘Please fellow youths, don’t sleep around’

Dear editor,
I thought writing this article  may help one or two of my fellow youths who may want to gamble with life by being loose, sleeping around, not playing it safe.
How will I pay them back? How will ever pay them back? They just sacrificed so much on me. They gave me that which grandparents could not ford to give them. Mama kept me in her womb for nine months and this is what   I am repaying her? I will live to rue the day I gave in, when I loosened my belt .
I just got too excited about getting into college. I forgot about the lectures they gave me when I was leaving home. I forgot of the reason of to why I was in school. I led a reckless life .thought it was cool , thought that was life. Thought that was being a real man. Wrong! Become too selfish, forgetting that I could not save two masters a time . Pleasure n education. Pleasure was what I enjoyed most  and sex was all I wanted. Changing I forgot about those depending ma completion. I lid aside my Christian morals.woman like clothes, gave away my virginity. The most precious and valuable gift I was to give to my better half. The most precious gem I was to give on my wedding night . Oh this hurts.
Now I have this, HIV,AIDS , a disease that sees no race or position ,  young or old , with wealth or destitute. It wants to wipe away the entire human race , working like a charcoal burner who wants to cut down every tree forgetting that he cant live without trees. It really has a deadly mission .
This would b your cry , it would b mine too, i mean if you and i do not play it safe.  if you have already messed up,He is all ready and willing to remake us . Lets study so that we may graduate with As not AIDS, lets study pray and play, praying that we understand what we study and playing it safe. Sure that would be a better way of appreciating our mamas.
Play it safe and starve it to death .


Peter Phiri


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