‘Please fellow youths; no PF’

Editor please post for me and hide my ID

Editor as we vote on Thursday I just want to remind my fellow youths to vote wisely and not make decisions based on songs.the PF has nothing to offer us apart from songs.

Remember that the PF government advertised for Jobs under ZAF, Zambia police, ZNS and gave us a stupid excuse ati we received too many application letters so we could not shortlist really??!!  it further advertised Jobs under ministry of health with 15 clinic officers countrywide!! when its busy commissioning more than 15 hospitals and clinics countrywide!! it also advertised for engineers recently under local government.my fellow youths mark my words, these Jobs will never happen they are a campaign gimmick you will revist this post soon!!. now today the PF government decides to  claim the names for teachers will be out this friday a day after the elections really ba PF ?? anyway I rest my case.viva HH you have my vote this thursday and am a bemba voting for u because I dont belive in tribalism.abash tribalism and hate speech!!

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