Please help me get my farm from Kitwe District Commissioner

Watchdog good afternoon,

Thank you for printing my last appeal regarding the civil service theft of my land.

It helped in many ways and even the negative remarks by some of your bloggers such as ‘Patriot and Mambwe’ and racist remarks by the brain dead bloggers were welcomed,   I appreciate the democracy.
Keep safe !

The Kitwe DC Kamanga continues to defy the law and brings the current administration into disrepute, especially the appointing authority, by his total lack of respect for law, he is a law unto himself and openly claims Kitwe his own and if left un challenged he will embarrass the country.

Jack alias Elias Kamanga took his indignation after my last appeal to his lawyers, Nyrenda and co,who sent me all kinds of threats which helped me immensely in my fight for my land because this law firm was the initial architect and promoter of the illegal theft of my land with the un signed, manipulated Supreme Court Judgment.

Our illustrious DC even had the audacity to deliver the demand letter in his official Government vehicle,
however as he has no  moral fibre to face me eyeball to eyeball he opted to send his driver ahead to my home to deliver the lawyers letter to my wife, while he hid in the forest one(1) km from my home with his Boma ‘Kapaso’.
Kamangas mistake was he was seen by my son who was collecting fire wood at the time.

Shame what a pathetic man is our Kitwe DC Kamanga.

Last week again Kamanga invaded my farm with booze and young ladies with a couple of friends and had a good time on his new ‘farm’.

Let him be warned that during the election time, after all the beatings he received for his nonsense he was nicknamed                “The Punch bag of Solwezi”.

I have the right to protect my family and property Mr Kamanga!?

I am now appealing to the whole Republic and the authorities to help me find justice because todays greed and theft affects me  and will be your nightmare tomorrow; together help me fight this cancer of civil servant corruption and I appeal to any honest lawyer, NGO, politician or christian person to help me get my family land back.

It was said to me that if you were black there is no way they would have stolen your land Ba Soper!

This I do not believe but I know that our greedy un-monitored, un accountable civil servants are capable of unspeakable un christian acts at the expense of the ordinary people !

Copied in are documents for my fellow bloggers on “Watchdog” and any other honest, honourable person to read digest and help me by commenting or by physically helping me defeat these demonic forces ?

A) Supreme Court Judgement SCZ/8/165/2000.     Appeal no:172/2000006

B) Kitwe City Council letter of offer

C) Ministry of Lands land print out

D) Letter from The Supreme Court ( D.Ndambela)

E) My letter to Supreme Court

F) Letter from Forrest Price and Co re missing Supreme Court case file
Kitwe High Court case file 1996/HK/93 plus various.

When looking at the documents it is obvious from the Supreme Court Judgement, that we originally received from Ezugha Musonda and co (now called Nyrenda and co), that it is unsigned and unsealed and there is no signed copy anywhere in the Republic, the ‘Judgement’ is also not registered in the Supreme Court.

All copies are missing or stolen from the various court registry.  The question is, has the Attorney Generals’ office or the source of the unsigned Supreme Court Judgement,  Nyrenda and co have a copy of an original signed copy of the judgement ?

I would pay a hefty reward for a genuine original copy of this “Judgement” if anyone has sight of the same ?

So therein lies the challenge but alas the thieves have already destroyed all files to bury the truth I fear,  Nyrenda and co have a vested interest in suppressing the facts as it may well prove too incriminating!

Considering when my family land was being stolen one of the workers of Nyrenda and co was also  Kitwe Mayor which made him privy to all documents pertaining to my farm and therefore as he also had a vested interest in the land, he should have a legal original signed copy of the judgement on his file ?

The question being were his actions legal insider trading or was it abuse of office this is questioned by many?

Maybe to have access to confidential City Council documents to aid your law firms’ case is OK ?

I would like some answers to the following questions

1) Is any document that is unsigned legal ?

2) With an unsigned Supreme Court Judgement can you1

a) steal properties and land?
b) hang some one or incarcerated some hapless soul?
c) change laws?
d) dis inherit an entire family ?
e) empower corrupt civil servants to steal and bear false witness.

3)How is it possible that a sacred institution such as the Supreme Court are able to be “raped” of their dignity and laid bear of their credibility by official thieves; these incidents of documents being stolen, unfortunately total demean the Honourable Justices and makes a mockery of the Justice system!

Are the un born generations safe from the effects of the current civil service corruption and disregard of law and order.                      ie: the Kitwe D.C.

4) When will the legal profession in Zambia be properly monitored by honest lawyers and law makers who respect the law, so that ‘legal life changing’ documents are not manipulated or forged to corrupt the law and divert justice ?

5) How do the Supreme Court civil servants guarantee an unsigned Supreme Court Judgment if the files are stolen and not in the Supreme Court Registry and after four(4) searches nothing found ?

Can a copy of this judgement be made available by the Supreme Court staff, that we the Tax payer pay, or is it another obvious ploy to cover up civil servant corruption ?

6) I would like to know how my family land Title no. L10166 was cancelled with out prior warning and we never notified to us by the Ministry of Lands (to date) using an unsigned Supreme Court Judgement, further to the forgoing please explain to me why the provisions provided by the Ministry of Lands were wrong in Law (Section 11(1) of the Land and Deeds Act) enabling corrupt civil servants to steal my land with mis applied bad law?

7) You can see clearly from the letter from The Kitwe City Council of and PWD/47/04/96  that after nine (9) years of honest application for Farm 3416 Kitwe South we were given the land honestly, no theft, no corruption just normal procedure and not one bribe !
This is how Title for ninety nine (99) years in the name of the President was legally granted !

How is it then that suddenly possible that a title is cancelled by corrupt civil servants and less than honest lawyers?

Please help me.

I ask that anything stated herein is not misconstrued as an attack on the Judiciary or any of our Honourable Judges, any member of the Bar; the above is merely a plea for Natural Justice and a full investigation into my honest claims.

Thank you

Kevin Soper

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