Plight of discriminated teachers


We are a group of unemployed teachers who graduated in 2016, 2017 and 2018. We write this article as a way of airing out our grievances. We are not happy with the discrimination exhibited by the teaching Service Commission (TSC) over the 2018 teacher recruitment exercise.

Yes we understand that our brothers and sisters have stayed for some years in the society without being employed by government. Now whose fault is that? Should people who graduated recently suffer for that? Off course, those who graduated in 2015 can below can be the first priority but allow those who graduated recently to apply aswell.

The government has an obligation to create employment for everyone regardless of sex, colour, tribe, religion or political affiliation. As teachers, we believe that recruitment of teachers should be based on merit as opposed to year of completion. How can we have quality education if selection of teachers is based on the year of completion? Why should government leave someone with a distinction and pick someone with a credit just because that person graduated in 2015 or below?

We are appealing to the ministry of general education to reverse that decision, let them recruit teachers based on merits. If the government will not take this seriously then they are going to frustrate those students in universities and colleges because they will know that even if he or she graduates with a distinction it’s meaningless since the government does not employ based on merits but the year of completion.
This will affect the quality of education in our country Zambia.

The government through the ministry of general education should also increase the number of teachers to be employed. 2000 teachers is a small number considering the teacher pupil ratio in these schools especially those schools in rural areas. Currently we have more than 30 000 unemployed teachers in our country. So if only the government through the ministry of general education can increase the number of teachers to be recruited then we can reduce the teacher pupil ratio in schools.

There are more teachers than work positions.ln the absence of considering workforce planning, the college’s and universities continue enrolling large numbers of teachers. We humbly appeal to our government to put into consideration various issues, some of the unemployed teacher’s are their families source of hope.Private sector which is an alternative for job creation z proving otherwise due to the high cost of living,even a shopkeeper get better salary than a trained teacher,after three-four years of hard work and good grade’s one ends up earning K800 -K1200 per month and unpaid months during holidays.

Employment for all, say no to discrimination.

From deeply affected unemployed trained teachers.

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