Plight of police officers

Plight of police officers

Dear Editor,

I would like to air my displeasure through your much frequented media by your friends across the globe and your foes in government institutions of Zambia. This is due to the fact that following laid down standard procedure will not help due to widespread bottle-necks and imposed gate keepers in public service. Over the years past governments have turned a deaf ear to the plight of the men and women in uniform, especially the Zambia Police and Prisons Service.

It is in public domain that the ZP service has been used as pawns to achieve the agendas of ruling political parties while not taken care of in terms of improved conditions of service vis a vis salaries and other fringe benefits. Since the PF government took over in 2011, the much hyped “more money in your pockets” mantra has plagued the pockets of the people tasked with law enforcement in whose hands lies the power to oppress the citizens if left unchecked, thereby setting in motion the creation of a hotbed for vice.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 08.59.20Of cause one would expect corruption to automatically be used to cushion the deficit created by our employers to mean rising cost of living, which is the case among law enforcement officers. When the PF government claimed to have had harmonised the wages of civil servants in 2012, we were left out; the only changes being the removal of the mealie meal and commuted overtime allowances which were added together and reallocated as transport allowance. This five years wage freeze imposed on us is inhuman and draconian. Since we have no unions to represent us, what is the IG, the PS, the Minister of Home Affairs, and the Presidency doing in this regard? If we are not essential why has the Presidency kept us to watch and ward? If they have money to splash at people employed in private mines, on a bloated cabinet, non-essential extravagant trips, and unnecessary by-elections, what has caused this discriminatory tendency? Perhaps it is time for us to setup a union so that we can even go on strike to air our grievances than to wait on “retired” but “contracted” top brass who only serve their own selfish interests at the behest of the appointing masters. What a rotten system which will take ages to be cleansed from the filth entrenched by politics in a supposedly independent and professional department. The message is clear that we have suffered under this five years wage freeze and we are resolved to send the PF to an indefinite “power” freeze come August 11. The cost of living has escalated without a commensurate increase of our wages, yet our so called Commander In Chief is more concerned with the welfare of jobless party cadres at the expense of a cadre of civil servants. The month of August is near and offers a ray of hope as we shall cast our vote even for Muliokela if his plans shall inspire hope for better and improved conditions of service. Besides, let the PF consult previous governments how they fared during elections at state house. Yours, Dismayed Law Enforcement Officer.

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