Plight of soldiers under Lungu


Edgar LUNGU and Defence Chiefs should not intimidate our poor soldiers by forcing them to vote fo PF (Zambian Watchdog has disclosed the evil plan and no one can support such) after all what they deprived them of. The only Defence personnel who are currently enjoying are the Commanders and not poor Regular Soldiers.

We pray our soldiers stand firm and say NO to this silly idea by the PF Government. Going by numbers, we know that poor soldiers are more than their senior officers by far and we believe they will surely teach their corrupt Officers a lesson they will never forget. In as much as we know, no soldier who used to get Rural Hardship Allowance, Housing Allowance, Trade Allowance, Free Mealiemeal, Free Beans, Free Cooking Oil, Risk Allowance, Exposure Allowance, Operation Allowance, Cycle Allowance, Overtime Allowance, Night duty Allowance and other allowances that are not listed here will be fooled by their commanders and Edgar Lungu because these poor soldiers are nolonger getting those dues.

To make matters worse, they are not even given their leave grants, upset allowance and even subsistance Allowances. Now with the loans they have, they are getting almost nothing as take home. Soldiers want to bring in HH who promised to give them back their Allowances even in arias and increase their Salaries at least by over 50 percent. PF in the run-up to 2011 General Elections used to say soldiers were not doing anything and that they were earning free money, hence we are not even surprised to see them(soldiers) being mistreated. PF have not seen anything good in our soldiers at all.

The plight of our men and women in uniform has not been taken into consideration by the PF Government especially in Lungu’s reign. Now we know why he wanted to keep on holding on as Defence Minister even when he was already the dubiously elected president. Soldiers are struggling under the leadership of their Commanders and Lungu’s PF. Its just that they do not have a UNION which can fight for them.. Oh sorry Poor Soldiers!! On 11th August 2016 as you go to a polling station, please NEVER forget what you and other Civil Servants are going through under Edgar Lungu’s leadership. Put aside your tribes and vote for HH because we are all Zambians and we do not eat tribes.

May God bless Zambia.


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