Plight of teachers under Stanley Mhango

Plight of teachers under Stanley Mhango

Dear editor
Allow me to express teachers’ plight of double union contribution to teacher unions.
Teaching service chairperson, Stanley Mhango using his influence has been directing human resource officers at DEBS offices to impose deductions to his union, NUPEZ despite already having other unions where teachers are affiliated to. Many teachers have tried to complain but the Human resource officers fail to act in fear that Stanley Mhango can transfer them to remote places or demote them. The district Education Board secretaries who have tried to address this issue have ended up finding themselves transferred to far remote places.
We appeal to Stanley Mhango’s employer to put this man to where he belongs in fact the man does not have any relevant experience or qualification to be the chairperson of Teaching Service commission. The man has brought miseries to the teaching fraternity.
Concerned Human resource officer

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    chilufya 2 weeks ago

    The moment he became Teaching commission chairperson, he should have relinquished his union activities. Now how does one become a defender of govt as chairperson and a negotiator as unionist, fyakana. That is why teachers get role deals,especially that he is a Pf cadre.

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    mufala 2 weeks ago

    The man is drunk with power and does not fit to be a commissioner corrupt to the core and he has brought confusion in the ministry of general education

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    tyson 2 weeks ago

    The matter needs to be investigated no one is above the law this has a negetive effect on the quality of teachers and learners please ba president act on this man he is collapsing this country