Plot to assassinate HH, other figures and journalists exposed

Plot to assassinate HH, other figures and journalists exposed

On Saturday 12th April 2014, the nation experienced one of those ugliest scenes of violence against opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema on the Copperbelt’s Sun FM radio station.

At the time, it was thought to be one of those PF usual incidents of violence against innocent people, but Zambiawatchdog investigations can now reveal it was actually a well-planned and crafted assassination attempt on Mr. Hichilema that would have ended his life.

Not long ago, Mr. Hichilema revealed the existence of a militia that was being trained by the Sudanese government of wanted war criminal Omar Al Bashir. Mr. Hichilema was arrested and is being tried for alarming the nation.

Zambianwatchdog investigations can reveal that a large contingent of PF youths that were undergoing militia training in Sudan could actually have arrived on Thursday 13th March 2014.

For those who remember, on Sunday, 9th March, 2014 the Secretary General of the ruling Patriotic Front, Wynter Kabimba, arrived in Sudanese capital Khartoum, for the 5th Meeting of the Standing Committee of the Council of African Political Parties (CAPP) in his capacity as the organisation’s President.

A notorious war crimes suspect, wanted in The Hague but who is CAPP Secretary General, Dr. Nafie Ali Nafie, met Kabimba, on arrival at Civil Airport in Khartoum.

But one thing Zambians were not informed was that Kabimba, who in his hypocritical ways is being quoted by his friends at the Post newspaper condemning the violence on Mr. Hichilema, actually met the heavily militarized Zambian contingent in Sudan during that visit shortly before they departed for Zambia.

That same week, this large contingent of PF trained military wing was spotted in Khartoum lavishly shopping in a very expensive Afra Mall but with heavily guarded uniformed and non-uniformed Sudanese security personnel.

Our investigations is that two of their bosses, claim to have come from Cabinet office. The guy who was leading this militia delegation is a Moses Chongo who used to be at the Ministry of Home Affairs but now claims to have moved to Cabinet Office. His mobile number in Zambia is 0972054329 while the other person was a Mr. Nyambe.

During his time in Sudan, Kabimba also held meetings with the country’s Vice President, Hasabo M. Abdurrahman and several government and party officials.

We challenge Kabimba to deny that he actually went to witness the progress of the training by this PF militia group that was moving under a heavy security watchful eye of the plain and uniformed officers from that country
Operation Eliminate HH as planned by the PF leadership.

The PF leadership on the Copperbelt have leased the black mountain in Kitwe for them to mine Dandashi and sell to the Chinese. In return they have been given specific and clear instructions to ensure that Mr. Hichilema and other selected prominent individuals and critical journalists are eliminated, like they wanted to do on Saturday.

With the help of the Sudanese trained militia group, the Saturday operation to assassinate Mr. Hichilema was planned by Stud Mwale (PF provincial chairman), Nathan Chanda (former Kitwe mayor), Born Kapapa (shi Lee) and a Beenwell Mpundu (Kitwe District PF official).

The platoon leader was Chileshe (popularly known as Chile 1), he was supported by the notable militia leaders-Solo (kapapa’s young brother), Bana katayi (female) and her sister Bwalya Chiwele,

Others were, a Tembo, Kelvin Mwale, Zacks, and other several junior militia members. These people at that time lied that they were going for a meeting to discuss the issue of mining the black mountain.

Stud Mwale and Nathan mobilised K50, 000 (50 million old currency) and hired two (2) Higer Buses, Four (4) Rosa mini buses, Five (5) taxes which were loaded with all sorts of militia weapons. About 5 guys including platoon leader Chile had guns which they later fired at the newly opened Ndola UPND secretariat while had pangas, military machetes, catapults, stones, plunks, stones, etc.

The plan as revealed by even the Post newspaper was to basically cause so much mayhem and confusion at the station that would have seem Mr. Hichilema assassinated, but police would instead have arrested HH’s people as being the ones responsible for his death.

People should not be duped by Kabimba’s condemnation of the violence and subsequent editorial comment in the Post newspaper yesterday. Both Kabimba and Fred Mmembe himself know fully about this operation to assassinate Mr. Hichilema using the highly trained militia from Sudan.

A number of critical individuals and journalists from some private radio stations, Daily Nation, Muvi TV are also targeted for this PF militia operation, together with some influential leaders of civil society organisations and church leaders.

Specifically targeted are Catholic Church leaders such as Fr. Cleophas Lungu, Action Aid Executive Director Pamela Chisanga, FODEP Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi, Civil Rights Activists Brebner Changala and Dante Saunders.

A number of journalists have also been targeted such as Daily Nation Proprietor Richard Sakala, former Head of Media Studies at Evelyn Hone Clayson Hamasaka, Thomas Zgyambo, and others names withheld for now.

Kabimba in an interview with his friends at The Post Newspaper did not hide his hatred for the Zambianwatchdog again when he said Hichilema and Nevers Mumba should stop their “nonsense” and crusade on Watchdog about people being sick or dying.

“Their nonsense crusade of this one is sick, this one is dying will not make them win an election,” said Kabimba.

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