Plot to eliminate HH exposed, Chiefs paid/blackmailed to reject constitution

Plot to eliminate HH exposed, Chiefs paid/blackmailed to reject constitution

Chief Chikanta

Chief Chikanta

And the same team has also been tasked to identify selected weak traditional leaders and headmen across the country, members of the clergy, and some vocal voices in society to start de-campaigning the new constitution because the Kabimba and Mmembe curtail in collusion with Mr. Sata are not confortable with the document.

Highly placed secret service agents have revealed that the plot that saw president Michael Sata ordering helicopters to hoover around Mr. Hichilema’s ranches last month, is being finalized with several highly classified meetings already taken place even yesterday and another one is scheduled for today.

Sources close to the plot say a number of options to eliminate particularly Mr. Hichilema from the ballot paper in 2016 have been put in place such as planting incriminating materials on his properties and have him arrested and face treason charges, planting drugs, or even assassinations have been careful designed because he has proven to be the main threat.

“There was supposed to be another detailed meeting yesterday, but not much was discussed because president Sata, the man who is supposed to authorize resources, was unable to attend as he probably was not feeling too well. But some of the people in this plot came and entered Sate House using the newly created gates where security people don’t register them”, highly placed sources revealed.

Sources said the team could not discuss details yesterday because Mr. Sata only delegated his spokesperson George Chellah and are hoping he will attend today’s meeting and make progress, especially in authorizing resources for the same.

“HH must be careful starting from today onwards, he must even be careful with the people he mingles with, even among some of his trusted UPND members that have been bought or are being targeted to help in this highly classified project,” sources said.

Sources said close family members, business partners, and friends to Mr. Hichilema and GBM are also being targeted for the same and these may be used when planting incriminating documents, drugs, and other subversive materials in their homes, properties, and later used as key state witnesses when they are finally arrested.

In terms of financial resources for these secret operations, sources say they are channeled through the City Bank New York account where all the rentals for properties that were seized by the Zambian government under the late Levy Mwanawasa’s Task Force on Corruption that was supervised by current DPP Mutembo Nchito, are currently channeled.

This is the same account that was recently revealed by the Zambianwatchdog which even the Auditor General’s Office is not aware of its existence.

“The plot is big and a number of chiefs have been given money or been blackmailed and threatened of being dethroned if they don’t condemn the secretly released constitution in the Post newspaper and government media. Of course there are some chiefs who are also facing potential crimes such as Chief Chikanta in Southern Province who is facing adultery cases and is illegally levying his subjects with bags of maize and animals,” sources revealed.

According to sources, Chief Chikanta is also linked to the traditional healers that brutally murdered police officers a few years ago. His girl friend was a sister to one of the traditional healers that were involved in that crime and the chief was part of the cover-up. So far all high profile visitations of government officials including president Sata and last week first lady lady Christine Kaseba are done at his palace as part of the blackmail.

Paramount Mpezenzi’s hatred for former president Rupiah Banda and the likes of Chief Chisunka are also in the scheme. You will also hear some chiefdoms never heard before, in a typical 3rd term debate style of commenting in condemning the constitution,” sources said.

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