Plots in Choma given to rich ‘foreigners’

Dear editor ,

Thanks so much for this web which allows us to express our feelings to the public. Am a Choma resident who is poor cannot afford to bride any council official or a counsellor so that I may have a piece of land in my own country and district. The Choma Municipal council had recently advertised plots for sale in Chandamali area of Choma, and being a person who is interest to own a piece of land in my own country, I took the challenge of buying the application form at 250 non refundable and during the interview I also made a payment of 50 non refundable.

What makes me to be more unhappy is the way interviews were being conducted, some of us who have sat for so many interviews realised that, these people they already had a list of people to give land. The questions were as follows: where do you come from?, where do you work?, How much do you have?, Do you already have a plot in Choma?, thank you the interviews are over we shall come back to you.

I what to testify among the group of youths who had applied, if you are not a son of a council counsellor, minister or any political position with high muscle non of us was awarded a plot. We as youths of Choma we are really shocked that land was give only to rich people, people who already have land and of the land which have they have even failed to develop it, and some land were even awarded to the foreigners who have just been in Choma for One year such as (TITO) .

I feel there is need to investigate on which criteria was used to award plots, because I remember one person who was to be given a plot approach me assist him money to pay one of the counsellors who was helping him to acquire  a  plot, and because he did not manage to raise the amount he was told his name is not on the list of those who have been given plots, of which am sure most of them used their financial muscle to have plots in that area.




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    Land reforms.

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    mafimafi 5 years

    Conelious Mweetwa sold the land. He is a former poor police officer and was so corrupt. Open your eyes dull Tongas.

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    1 Land and 1 Nation is our cry 5 years

    Fellow Citizens, why is it very easy for non Zambians to accure land in Zambia?
    I ve seen a lot of somalians, congolise and others freely own large pieces of land. Even our NRC its more or less becoming a useless document.

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    Frustrated Young Man 5 years

    You were even lucky they asked you so many questions concerning your capability…You should have attended the interview held in Livingstone last year. We were only asked, “What’s your name? How old are you? Ok, we’ll get back to you” Nothing like finding out how much you have or are capable of raising and how you intend to develop the land.
    This land thing just stinks corruption in Zambia. You really have to know someone or oil some fingers to get anything from the councils.
    I also agree with the fact that the same people keep acquiring these plots and sell them to those who have not managed at hundred times the price.
    Very frustrating indeed!!!

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    Fenwick 5 years

    I advised colleagues against applying for these plots because I knew it was just an academic exercise as is usual in Zambia.

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    Mwana Wakwathu 5 years

    Why can’t councils countrywhide open up land so that when a person wants to buid simply makes an application and begins to develop. Zambia has vast un developed land but corruption is always at play.

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    AlfredT 5 years

    The plots were very few for the number of applicants, I am sure it was very difficult for the council to come up with any criteria whatsoever.

    There were more than 2000 applicants for less than 200 plots, although I attended the interviews and have the capacity to develop the high cost house (infact my plan was to do a block of 3 flats) I was not allocated a plot. The fatigue and stress on the faces of the interviewing panel was evident, it was too much for any human being.

    In future I feel that there should be a ceiling on how many application forms are sold instead of making it a money making exercise. (2000 appl+ x 200 ZMW = ZMW40,000+), the council realised for than 40,000 for consellors allowance during interview and advertising costs.

    I feel the frustration on this youth but it would have been difficult for him too if he was on that panel, in their shoes. What we need to improve on are the criteria and systems of allocating land to benefit the majority citizens.

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    wat is the point of being a zambian when you cant enjoy all the rights.we are busy fighting corruption whilest foreigners are busy corrupting us.tonga bullz ples report dis case

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    Musankwa 5 years

    This is true, How do you justify plots being allocated to pipo like percy chato who are not even choma residents..The whole thing stinks of corruption.

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    zimbabwe 5 years

    So where is the proof that foreigners were given the land.
    If you have no capicity to build and a bemba or tumbuka had the money and was given thi land so what.
    If I was n charge of allocating this land,I would surely have given it to any muzungu as long as he is a resident of choma and proved he has money to build.
    No point in giving a fellow tonga and he fails to build

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      Musankwa 5 years

      I think you have missed the point ba zimbabwe. The point the author was trying to make is that there was corruption in the manner they allocated plots in choma. It was all about who is who or who do you know..not whether you have money to build or not.

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      that’s what makes us zambians dull.when u go to a foreign country u wouldn’t have da priviledges like the way u are defending these pipo.for him to pay kr250 he knew what he was doing,and he knew that he was capable of building a hse .Zambiaian Land belongs to Zambian

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      Tom Cruze 5 years

      Don’t be too tribal on anything guys.What if CS is Chishala Simukoko? Just because the writer is in Tonga land does not mean he is Tonga.Look at AlfredT,he debated the matter not tribes.Please guys,LET US STOP THIS TRIBAL NOSENCE