Plunder and abuse at National Health Management Authority


Please expose National Health Insurance Management Authrority (NHIMA).

– Do you know that NHIMA is a project which ZSIC Life won a contract to manage the project so that funds can be easily be mismanaged. The PF where using NHIMA to siphon money.

After that, ZSIC Life employed people close to the Director General and church mates as managers without experience and employees from ZSIC Life disadvantaging a lot of unemployed youths.

These managers and directors without proper qualifications pay themselves big salaries and good conditions of service while the general staffs are given 1 year contracts with a condition that the company can fire you by notice of 7days.

The agents employed are paid a basic of K2000 and commission of K2 for registration of a member.

Job opportunities are given to people with connections as some applications where coming with recommendation letters from the PF Secretariat, PS, ministers and senior PF party carder without proper qualifications.

The plan to rob money from citizens has reached in the final stage. Soon ZSIC Life through NHIMA will starting registering the informal sector such as marketeers and charge them K50 as Health Insurance.

Let the Director General Mr James Kapesa a friend to Former President ECL answer the following questions:
1. How do you feel with your fellow directors and managers getting a big salary and a lot of allowances while while your majority juniors getting salaries below K2500?
2. How do you feel that they are no medicines in hospitals while every month you collect millions of kwacha?
3. If it was you with a degree and getting that salary would be happy?
4. Have you ever favored, influenced and/or helped some people to be employed by NHIMA?
5. Deep down your heart, do you feel and think that the complaints are genuine?
6. Do you have relatives in NHIMA, if so did you declare interest?
7. Why is it not known that NHIMA is under ZSIC Life?
8. How much money does ZSIC Life get from the NHIMA project?
9. Through the NHIMA scheme, how the services provided?
10. How long does it take when a person applies for spectacles to receive them?

Please let the Director General of National Health Insurance Management Authority Mr James Kapesa answer those questions and not the lie they are telling people.


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