Plunder at Zambia Railways

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The invoices below serve to give you an insight of what is happening at Zambia Railways Limited. The plunder is being perpetrated by the Purchasing Manager Mr Lawrence Shamyumba through serious mis-procurement practices that border on criminality of theft.

There are spares that were rejected by users but which he forced accounts department to pay despite strong opposition from users to return the items because they wont be used by the company by virtue of being wrong types.

The total amount is US Dollar Ninety nine Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Two Eighty Cents ($99,942.80). This is merely a tip of an iceberg because there are more issues obtaining on the ground, which the users are more than willing to give evidence upon once a formal investigation has begun.

it is estimated that cases of similar nature range between $500,000.00 and $1,700,000.00. the only problem is that the majority invoices have been forwarded to accounts and cannot be accessed by anyone.

Such matters have been reported to ACC through anonymous letters but nothing has happened. Through these invoices attached with full evidence therefore, we hope a formal investigation shall commence soon so that more information is revealed. Besides this issue, there are thousands of spares that were air-lifted in the name of critical ones yet we have had the same spares in the stores for over ten (10) years now.

Lastly, if no one takes action quickly, Zambia railways will be winding up sooner than we expected. So study the report and the attached invoices PLEASE and save the company.


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