Plunder continues as Jimmy Fingers Chungu gets River Motel (RIMO)

Plunder continues as Jimmy Fingers Chungu gets River Motel (RIMO)

The looting and asset stripping by the PF government officials has continued with the latest property to be taken over by a PF official and close associate of president Michael Sata being River Motel popularly known as RIMO.

The government owned motel, situated in Kafue town along the Kafue river has been leased to Jimmy Chungu commonly known as Jimmy Fingers. A name he earned for being a successful fraudster. His real name is James Kasanga Chungu. Rimo is a big lodge with 42 rooms and 31 chalets.

Chungu is the proprietor of Chita lodge where currently most government workshops and seminars are held due to his association with president Michael Sata.

Chungu is a senior PF cadre and recently got money from the Tourism development fund at the ministry of tourism to build a motel in northern province.

He is also a close associate to another big thief and corrupt fellow Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba. According to sources at the ministry of Defence, a few days ago, Jimmy Fingers supplied over 50 latest Toyota crown saloon cars to the Zambia Airforce (ZAF), a contract given to him by GBM.

‘Now shockingly he has been given to lease RIMO motel although there was no open tender or advertisement for people to bid’, explained a government source.

According to information given, the River Motel would actually be sold to him eventually. His actually been assured that the state will sell to PF cadres as they asset strip our country.

Sources explained that Jimmy Fingers is also working with Tourism minister Syvia Masebo and this friendship has given him an unfair advantage over other tour and service providers.

‘In Chisamba near Protea hotel, he has put a gaming park and has been grabbing land in Luapula and Northern province from poor villagers in the name of PF,’ sources explained.

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