Plunder continues at ZAWA

Dear Sir/madam and our fellow Zambians
As we reported 2 months ago on the corrupt meetings and corruption held in the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) – on the 31st May 2013 this year by Mr Guy Robinson, Mr Timothy Mushibwe, Vlahakis and Mr Kombe alleging them to give direct contract to Dr Iain Pearson (their personal friend). The proof is in the pudding, the contract was awarded against The Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) conditions and before even ZAWA applied to ZPPA. As ZAWA workers we would like to take you through the events of the past 7 months where only personal favours where promoted by ZAWA Board.
Mr Timothy Mushibwe
(i) Promoted Africa Parks to get exclusive hunting rights in Lake Bangweulu despite the fact that hunting ban was imposed by the Hon. Minister of Tourism.
(ii) Promoting his brother‘s company with Chinese firm to obtain large scale mining rights in the Kafue National Park.
(iii) While travelling to Livingstone on ZAWA work members of his family joined onto the trip and all their bills were paid for by ZAWA. While the workers/labour force doesn’t get paid.
Mr Zane Vlahakis
(i) Let the public know that lots of our information regarding ZAWA is thanks to Mr Vlahakis and his son. In agreement to obtain the Director General position at ZAWA, Mr Vlahakis will rubber stamp all the decisions made by “White Elephant” Mr Guy Robinson including the award of the contract to Dr Iain Pearson.
(ii) We call on the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate his connection with legacy International that they’ve been given a controversial agreement to obtain conservation rights. We’ve discovered that the Chair was nominated to Mr Vlahakis.
Mr Guy Robinson
(i) As we collectively nominated his name in ZAWA as a “White Elephant” the Board Chairman is the sole instigator of the illegal mischief in ZAWA. ZPPA letter stated that in a manner to appoint a different contractor to transfer or relocating of animals to Livingstone, the following steps should be approved before awarding the contract;
(a) Give reasonable reasons why the former successful bidder cannot do the job.
(b) Proof to ZPPA any illegal faults in the tender in 2012 for the animal transfer to Livingstone, in other words, discredit the formal tender after failing to find any illegal fraud in the contract Mr Robinson resorted to the following;
• He ordered the award of the contract to Dr Iain Pearson.
• He schemed the transfer of animals from his personal and other farms in Mazabuka area to Livingstone.

(ii) In the cost of Dr Iain Pearson of animal transfer it is a hidden cost of animal census, it is Mr Guy Robinson that ordered and directed Dr Iain Pearson and John Meyer from Mazabuka as helicopter pilot and the counting of the animals where given to Mr Richard Jeffreys in a manner to try to discredit the successful bidder in last year – Muchinga Game Captive (Z).
(iii) Mr Guy Robinson as you are aware is a former Chairman of Mushingashi Conservancy and for that his close friends from Royal Kafue and Mr Charlie Harvey of Shiwa Ng’andu. We wish to add that Mr Robinson is aware that Dr Pearson does not have a licence to hold any wild animals on his farm.
(iv) Mr Mitha Eunice was appointed as a board member and head of investigation committee as all Zambians recall the Hon Minister stopped the hunting and the award of hunting concessions to the successful bidders due to the fact the Asian-origin mafias are involved. So far today there is no Asian prosecuted and investigated. Mr Mitha failed to prosecute his fellow Indians who have flouted the rules and been found wanting.

Mr Mitha obtained all files from the Director General’s office regarding Asian outfitters. He selected and burnt overwhelming evidence against his fellow community members. Investigation which was carried out by ZAWA intelligence found that the former Director General Mr Edwin Matokwane have given personal hampers which are not allowed by law to be given to selected members of the public; 35 of them is Asian origin, 10 of them is for Eunice Mitha family (see attached proof) and 1 Director General then rest for other respective members of the public.

Unfortunately, Mr Litashi and Mr Mitha are suppressing any investigation against Asian origins. 2 months ago they suppressed investigations against Zable Transport employees in Katete – aiding the smuggling of ivory through Mozambique border in Chadiza. Mr Mitha applied to ZAWA in the past for 20,000ha in the Nsefu area South Kuangwa – Lower Lupande since ZAWA have refused to award him the land which part of it is in the GMA area. Mr Gurum Patel successfully convinced the forestry department to award them the concessions many times in ZAWA and openly with arrogance Mr Mitha brags that he has an open door through Gurum Patel and his friend Shashi Patel from Agrofuel to the Head of State, he bragged in one instance that he donated so much money to PF during the campaigns therefore the party owes him so many favours.

It is the open knowledge that Mr Mitha with Mr Zumla are trying to convince the Honourable Minister to nominate Mr Mitha to be the board chairman.

Concerned Workers

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