Plunder, corruption , and incompentence at ZAMTEL- part II

Dear Editor.
Last time we talked about the various acts of corruption and incompetence at Zamtel since nationalization and the subsequent appointment of one “Dr” Mupanga Mwanakatwe as interim CEO.
We highlighted the fact that “Dr” Mupanga Mwanakatwe is an incompetent, lazy man who was sacked from celtel for incompetence and has not worked for nearly nine years of which the telecoms industry has evolved over that period. He also has no idea about management and the drive for results other than looking after his pocket.
By the way, when he was at Celtel, he made sure he had a piece from all the contractors who were building celtel towers.
Coming to what is happening now at Zamtel: the over $80,000,000 reserves which LAP GREEN left as cash for investment and expansion of the network has all been spent and we have nothing to show for. The Account is now completely dry.
Working with a Mr. Betsy Mukena and Mr. Joel Changala, “Dr” Mwanakatwe has been awarding network maintenance contracts to his company called ALU works. He has also coerced the Chinese, ZTE and HUAWEI to give tower building contracts to his company and he ensures he pays himself promptly and the checks are deposited in his personal account at FNB. The Huge amounts coming in from Zamtel into Mupanga’s account are raising concern among some staff at FNB.
By the way, a Mr. Betsy Mukena and a Mr. Joel Changala he is using, he worked with them at Celtel and he was using them for the same purpose of plundering the company’s money.
“Dr” Mwanakatwe has also given a multi billion Kwacha Oracle contract to a Mr. Emmanuel Mbewe without following tender procedures. He did single sourcing. Emmanuel Mbewe was with Mupanga Mwanakatwe on the commission of enquiry and the two managed to mislead the President and the rest of the commissioners in order to pursue their personal agenda, which they are executing. Emmanuel Mbewe now spends all his time in Mupanga Mwanakatwe’s office scheming on how to milk the company.
“Dr” Mwanakatwe has no idea of how to run a company commercially. He lacks strategy and basic management skills.
He has not come up with anything since he was made interim CEO. All he is doing is to launch products and services, which were left by LAP GREEN. For example, in his desperation to be seen to be doing something, he launched 3G a service, which was already launched on two occasions by LAP GREEN.
He had to launch 6to6, which was a LAP GREEN product. We are yet to see something new and creative from him.
Despite cutting and pasting the LAP GREEN products and services, he can’t even execute them well.
Our subscriber base has dropped from 1 million subscribers at the time of nationalization to less than 800,000 and we are still dropping.
We used to acquire about 30,000 new customers everyday but now we are only getting less than 400 customers everyday.
Airtel and MTN are the biggest beneficiaries from Mupanga’s incompetence.
Mupanga has no commercial sense. He keeps boxes of handsets in his office – as though he is managing a slash fund, which he dishes out for free to Ministers, deputy ministers, PSs, Directors in Government etc. Anybody from Government who feels like having a phone for themselves, children, wives, concubines etc., they just have to call Mupange and he dashes out running like a child to deliver the handsets personally. What he is forgetting is that we have to pay suppliers for those handsets. How does he think we are going to pay for the handsets if we are not selling them but giving them out for free?
Fellow countrymen and women. This is just a tip of the iceberg. Zamtel is on a free fall. Very soon it will grind to a halt.
We challenge Mupanga to dispute this. We have all the facts and the evidence. We shall produce the payment vultures on this same media if Mupanga disputes.
After nationalization of Zamtel, Anthony Mukwita wrote that “Zamtel is too big to fail”.  We would like to differ with Anthony at this point and state that Zamtel is headed for total failure and collapse.

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