Plunder of public Money in Southern province

Plunder of public Money in Southern province


Another financial scandal at the ministry of health Southern Province.

A chain of health pf provincial bosses at the provincial office in southern province have embezzled millions of donor there and shared among themselves which were meant for 2016 to

This money was meant for maternal, new born,adolescent health and administration but these bosses have been eating this money from last year.

Right now there is fear in the camp as some bosses who have bought flash cars and built mansions from this money are panicking and are planning to transfer junior officers from zimba,Pemba and from kalomo for questioning and exposing them using one Mr Field Musamba.

One officer from Choma complained bitterly on the way the bosses at the provincial offices are busy buying cars and building mansions, at the expense of the ordinary people.

People are dying in the hospitals because of these evil men in places of authority.

There has been a lot of money laundering at provincial office,theft, ghost accounts, ghost suppliers let Dec and Anti corruption visit this office clean it up and lock up the culprits.

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